Sugars & Sweeteners

What is Sugar?

Sugar is a sweet naturally occurring soluble carbohydrate found in most living plants including, sugar cane, sugar beet, fruit, vegetables and even nuts Sucrose is the main sweet ingredient of these plants and sugar has been used for thousands of years to sweeten our foods. Plants produce sugars naturally through the process of photosynthesis, where the sun's energy is converted into sugars which is food for the plants.

The chemical structure of regular sugar is quite simple, sucrose is a molecule which consists of only two bound together molecules which makes up carbohydrates, fructose and glucose. Carbohydrates are the no1 prefered source of energy for the human body, and glucose is a turbocharged source of energy fuel for our organs muscles and brain.

Sugar is made from extracted sugar juice from usually sugar cane and sugar beet by crushing or squeezing the plants. The sugar juice is then cleaned, boiled, crystallised and dried. The different texture and colours of the crystalised sugar are usually dependant upon the amount of molasses left in the sugar crystals. Molasses is the thick dark brown liquid left behind from the boiling and refining of the sugar juice and molasses is better known as black treacle.

What Different Types of Sugar are available online?

Discount Coffee offers its UK online customers a wide range of sugar sachets and sugar sticks to our customers including, Tate& Lyle sugar stick, Fairtrade white sugar sachets and Fairtrade brown sugar sachets. Our white and brown sugar crystal sticks which have sugar crystals attached to small individually wrapped wooden sticks are very popular with our five-star hotel and restaurant clients and customers looking for a wow factor for their friends and clients. Discount Coffee also stocks branded Lavazza sugar sachets for their UK online Lavazza coffee customers. La Perruche rough sugar cubes made from sugar cane are big sellers for our coffee speciality customers.

Discount Coffee also wholesales sweeteners to UK online customers the most popular artificial sweetener brand Sweet n Low sachets which contains granulated saccharin and is less than 2 calories per sachet.

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