Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee

Sometimes called drip or brewed coffee, Filter Coffee has seen something of a resurgence in recent years.

Perhaps it’s to do with the speed and ease of brewing, or the fact that it can be kept warm in the pot while you work or attend meetings. Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say that Filter Coffee is one of the most popular methods of coffee preparation around today. Unlike French Press coffee, designed to be lingered over and enjoyed, coffee made through a drip is ready in a matter of minutes, and is consequently a popular choice in the workplace. If you need a productivity boost by way of caffeine, Filter Coffee is the perfect solution.

When to enjoy Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee is generally considered to be the best coffee for the office.

It is a cost-efficient option (especially when bought in bulk), a pot can be made in a matter of minutes, and it can satisfy a number of thirsty workers at once. As the coffee is filtered through the machine, this process can often highlight subtle aromas and flavours. A pot can be left on the heated machine for hours, meaning it’s a great choice for particularly productive offices. If you don’t have time to wait for frothy, fancy coffees at your local café, or even to boil the kettle and wait each time you want an individual coffee, making a large pot of delicious, piping-hot filter coffee is the perfect solution. It works well for brainstorming or study sessions, making it ideal for busy students.

Tips for enjoying Filter Coffee

The type of coffee you choose can impact your productivity, as certain filter coffees have higher levels of caffeine than others.

As a rule of thumb, the lighter the roast of the coffee, the more caffeine it will contain. Dark roast beans means they have been roasted for longer, and caffeine is lost during the roasting process. Therefore while dark roasts may have a more potent flavor, a lighter roast will have the higher caffeine content. If you have regular client meetings or site visitors, putting on a fresh pot just before they arrive creates an inviting ambience with that delicious, “fresh coffee” smell. It’s also an idea to have a special, extra nice bag of coffee stored away to serve at client meetings.

Other tips for enjoying filter coffee include selecting the right consistency for the machine to avoid percolated grinds in the jug, and to choose the right filters that fit the machine. Always remember to dispose of these after use to reduce unwanted build-up, and to enjoy fresh coffee with every use.

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