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Organic Coffee

For the conscientious coffee lover, organic coffee is a smart and sustainable choice.

Aside from the myriad of health benefits, Organic Coffee is some of the finest available in terms of taste and aroma. The lack of chemicals and additives during the growing and roasting process means that the finished product is not only excellent tasting, but it is excellent for you, too. At Discount Coffee, we are proud to present a range of organic coffee sourced from around the world, to provide you with premium organic coffee for the home or office at affordable prices.

What is Organic Coffee?

Organic coffee is coffee made without chemicals, additives or pesticides.

In order to combat growth inhibitors like fungus and coffee bean diseases, many farmers have in the past used pesticides that contain high levels of harmful chemicals. Fertilizers containing synthetic petroleum can be used to combat damage done to the soil by these diseases, which can potentially pose health risks and alter the taste of the coffee significantly. Some suppliers will also wash beans before packaging and shipping them, and the solvents used in this process can also impact the flavour. With organic coffee, there are no harsh chemicals, colourants or pesticides used at all. The coffee is harvested naturally using only organic fertilizers if needed. The result is healthier soil, better crops, and better tasting coffee to show for it.

Why buy Organic Coffee?

Organic coffee is generally considered a healthier option, owing to the absence of chemicals and other potentially hazardous products used during production.

Buying organic also helps the communities in which the coffee is grown. The lack of chemicals sprayed on coffee (and the surrounding/neighbouring crops) means the soil and forestation can become naturally more resilient to fungus and diseases, and animals and livestock feasting on this vegetation will reap the health benefits as well. This contributes to environmental sustainability, and helps local communities to continue to produce organic coffee.

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South America is the primary producer of organic coffee, making over 75 per cent of the world’s supply.

You’ll find a wide selection of coffee from regions such as Colombia, Mexico and many others in amongst our organic selection at Discount Coffee. We have carefully sourced and competitively priced both ground coffee and whole beans, making it easy for you to buy as little or as much great-tasting organic coffee as you need. With added consideration given to the growth and packaging of the coffee, you can enjoy improved taste without any harmful additives, and all while supporting development in local communities when you buy from Discount Coffee.

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