Spanish Coffee Beans

What is the History of Spanish Coffee?

Drinking coffee is a way of life in Spain, with most Spanish people having coffee first thing in the morning, often served with hot milk. This is known as ‘Café con Leche’. Spanish coffee brings to mind a steaming mug of coffee that includes rum and is topped with whipped cream. Torro coffee beans are roasted following an authentic Spanish coffee formula. However, the Spanish influence on the coffee industry goes much further. Historically, Spanish ships carried coffee plants and even seeds to all parts of the world that did not have native coffee. These areas became coffee-growing hubs. Though coffee came into Spain with Turkish immigrants, the beans were not actually grown much in Spain. Rather, Spain developed the method of roasting that produces quite dark, almost black, oily beans. This process makes very strong coffee known as Spanish Roast or Dark French Roast.

Where Can I Buy Spanish Coffee Beans?

Torro Spanish Coffee beans are a fabulous blend of roasted Spanish coffee beans that can trace their coffee roasting origins all the way back to their Spanish Moorish Arabic influence. Discount Coffee supply Torro Coffee beans online in the UK. In Spanish coffee houses, it is very common to add alcohol to coffee, even in the morning hours.  This common Spanish coffee is even preferred by more people than Irish coffee. This Spanish coffee can be made at home with ingredients that include 3/4 ounces of Spanish brandy, freshly brewed Torro Coffee or Cafes Templo coffee, 3/4 ounces of coffee liquor, and whipped cream. The Spanish brandy and coffee liquor can simply be added to a nice hot cup of Torro Coffee/Cafes Templo coffee and then topped with whipped cream. Consuming this particular form of Spanish coffee should not be followed by driving, but makes for a nice hot beverage that provides comfort and warmth. Torro Coffee Spanish Coffee beans are exclusively available in the UK from online wholesaler

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