Speciality Coffee

What is Specialty Coffee?

Specialty coffee or gourmet coffee is usually defined as coffee that has been grown in a smaller family-owned coffee plantation and hand-picked rather than mass-produced in large plantations or mechanically harvested. Specialty Coffee Association classed single-origin coffee as quality coffee in the region of 80 points out of 100.

Specialty coffee is often sourced from "Fincas", small coffee plantations, to produce single-origin geographic coffee beans with their unique characteristic aromas and taste profiles. Specialty coffee beans are normally hand-picked to ensure only the ripest and juiciest red berry coffee cherries are harvested to maintain the superior quality of the coffee beans. Chiswells of London is a UK purveyor of excellent premium quality single-origin coffee. Chiswells hand roasts all their single estate coffee beans to guarantee the highest quality coffee with individual and unique taste profiles.

How is Speciality Coffee grown

Speciality coffee beans are commonly sourced from high-altitude coffee plantations where the lower temperature and nutrient-rich soil produce great-tasting coffee. The perfect temperature range for coffee bean production is 16-23 degrees Celcius. The lower temperatures found in high-altitude coffee plantations encourage slower coffee bean growth, with the benefits of a more intense concentration of spicy floral coffee flavours. Coffee plants in highland plantations are also less susceptible to disease which results in the reduced requirement for pesticides and a more uniform-sized coffee bean.

UK online coffee wholesaler discountcoffee.co.uk exclusively distributes Chiswells of London Blue Mountain blend coffee a highland-grown specialty coffee highly prized for its mild, fruity, and slightly spicy flavour.


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